For a healthier, better You.

In need of an escape from the crowded city? Looking for a break from your hectic day-to-day? Or simply yearning to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Our Wellness Retreats may be just what you need.


Embark on a transformational journey to rediscover your inner self. Learn to live again and savour the beauty of life. Aimed at instilling an overall balanced sense of wellbeing, our Wellness Retreats are an enriching, fulfilling and empowering experience that encompasses a total body overhaul, and nurtures the body, mind, and soul. Choose from our specialised programmes focusing on Relaxation, Fitness, Weight loss, Detox and Beauty. Or, let our Wellness Consultant devise a tailored program according to your unique preferences and precise needs.


Our immersive Wellness Retreats begin with a private wellness consultation followed by a series of targeted bespoke treatments comprising our time-honoured spa massages, invigorating hydrotherapy, detoxifying thermotherapy, restorative beauty treatments, holistic activities, and proven fitness techniques. The retreats feature gourmet Wellness Cuisine, including a guilt-free Wellness Minibar, for your complete physical, emotional, and mental overhaul.


Please contact our Reservations team at reservations@lejadis.com to book this offer.